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Finally getting my images together from our trip to England in February. It was a really hard first trip with a baby, but also a memorable one in hindsight. Having Leo meet the other half of his family, my parents joining, and filling everyday with fun things to do made this one unforgettable.

We stayed in Canterbury for 2 weeks and took the opportunity of a centrally located flat (see our flat here) to see the city in a way I never had before. Located right across from the train station, we were able to visit London for a day and even Paris (that will be in the next blog).

From Dover Castle to Stonehenge, here is my collection of photos taken through our 2 week adventures. Enjoy ❤

CP7B2392CP7B2396CP7B2387CP7B2400CP7B2397CP7B2403CP7B2408CP7B2412CP7B2530CP7B2522CP7B2536CP7B2546CP7B2548CP7B2550CP7B2537CP7B2532CP7B2559CP7B2557CP7B2565IMG_2606IMG_262820170217_111951CP7B2423CP7B242920170217_121003CP7B2424IMG_2261CP7B2438CP7B2431IMG_2425.jpg(2)CP7B2435CP7B2441CP7B2456CP7B2464CP7B2466.jpg (2)CP7B2493CP7B2502-2CP7B2512.jpg(20

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