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In honor of our newest trip to England, which we embark on today, I wanted to dedicate a post to a trip we went on exactly 3 years ago to the same wonderful area.

On May 1, of 2012, Paul and I boarded a plane to go visit his family for 11 days. Up til this point, it had been 5 years since he had seen his family (other than his parents and sister but that too had only been a few short times). So, to say the least he was extremely home sick.

I remember being SO incredibly excited to leave. I remember getting down to CVG and boarding onto our little connecting flight to North Carolina first before the big guy across the ocean. And to this day, I still remember how incredible that flight was. It was so freeing. One of the most freeing times I had ever felt. There was a lot going on for me during that time between work, my business, Paul’s immigration process came to a close, starting up his parents immigration process…. there was so much. But up there… 1000’s of feet above the human world I felt free from the shackles of responsibilties. Free from all the worries daily life was giving me. And I remember crying. So many happy tears.

IMG_7038Many hours later we found ourselves on the big plane across the ocean. This 10 hour flight was super peaceful as most people were sleeping. But, I’m one of the many that cannot sleep on a plane as I was restless with excitement to get to England once again. This was the first time since I was 17 that I had been overseas. And something I hope to experience more of this year in particular.

Once we got there, Paul’s parents greeted us at the airport with huge smiles, welcoming hugs, and a car peacefully playing classic rock. It took us a couple hours still to get from the airport and into Canterbury were we would be staying during our trip. IMG_7073-2IMG_7083One of the first things Paul and I wanted to do was go to London once again. He and I were FLOODING with memories from our time we spent together here when we were teenagers and it was amazing to be back. The sights, sounds, and people instantly reminded me why I was missing this city so much. IMG_7128IMG_7175IMG_7250Brooke-Townsend-LogoIMG_7326While we were there, Paul checked off yet another item off my bucket list. Seeing Phantom of the Opera musical in Her Majesty’s Royal Theatre. It was definitely amazing.IMG_7358IMG_7457IMG_7458IMG_7506IMG_7514IMG_7393One of my favorite places we discovered was Covent Garden. It’s an amazing little marketplace in the heart of London filled with shops of artists, culinary experts, shopkeepers, and the like. Seeing fresh food being cooked on the streets filled the atmosphere with welcoming smells and the local vendors offered clothing, collectibles, and handmade items from around the world. It was incredible.IMG_8274IMG_8298IMG_7258IMG_8313IMG_8262

Of course we soaked up as much time as possible in London before returning home and by the time we made it to the train station, it was super late and we had the whole place to ourselves. It was pretty amazing.


Another couple of days we spent exploring in and out of Canterbury. I actually got my leather jacket I’m wearing in all these photos from a little shop in the heart of Canterbury. And I love that I can remind myself of this charming little city every time I wear it 🙂


And, one of my favorite parts of the time actually, was taking a walk through the woods and fields. I had never been to England in the spring time so it was my first time seeing the famous bluebells that sprout up all over the place. Paul actually got some action shots of me too which is SO RARE as I’m usually almost always the one taking the photos 🙂


I remember feeling like this trip went by way too fast. But it always does. Today, we embark on yet another journey to the motherland! But this time, we will be exploring a lot more of natural England in the southern parts, western, and up into Wales and through central England as well. Cannot WAIT!

Stay tuned!


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